What if you want to make your dashboard more interactive? What if you have a complex SQL query for your dataset and you have to implement an algorithm that will depend on filters you set in the dashboard or even based on parameters from a link for that particular dashboard? The answer to all of the questions is Jinja templates.

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First of all, you need to activate Jinja templating if you have not done this before. To do this, you should add another element to the FEATURE_FLAGS dictionary in your superset_config.py. Element’s key will be ENABLE_TEMPLATE_PROCESSING, and the value will…

Apache Superset 1.1.0 with ‘Export to XLSX’ functionality enabled

Apache Superset is a modern BI tool that helps you easily create rich charts and powerful dashboards by combining information on dashboards from various databases connected via SQLAlchemy. Gathered from different sources into a chart, data can be simply exported then to a comma-separated file (CSV) from the Superset right out of the box. That CSV file could be opened via many spreadsheet software including industry-leading Microsoft Excel. But there is at least one problem that could bring you to the point at which you will want to patch your Superset installation to be able to export data from charts…

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In April 2021, the Apache Superset community released version 1.1.0 which brings to us more powerful visualizations, easier installation, and many bug fixes. The Superset is becoming more and more popular in the world of Business Intelligence (BI) tools. More companies decide to use Superset as their primary BI system and want to know its security architecture. Authentication is one of the most important parts of the security subsystem. So, which options do we have by default in the Superset?

The Superset is built on top of the Flask App builder (FAB). It has many built-in authentification methods. It’s good…

Apache Superset logo, https://superset.apache.org

Apache Superset is a modern data exploration and visualization platform that is supported and maintained by the open-source community. I can honestly say that this is a must-have service for all companies and I’m sure it’ll be helpful in data exploration and visualization with almost no cost.

Since Superset is free-to-use open-source software, we will start exploring its functionality with you right now.

The first step is to have Docker installed in your system. There are versions of Docker for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Unfortunately, Superset is not currently officially supported on the Windows platform, but you could use it…

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Amazon provides two different managed services for querying data located in your data lake. The titles are AWS Athena and AWS Redshift Spectrum. These services both provide similar tools for managing data with SQL queries at the same price but have some distinctive features. I have prepared this article to cross the t’s and help you decide what to use in your data projects.

Both services provide full support of AWS Glue Data Catalog (and external Hive Metastore which is actually laid under Glue Data Catalog). …

Adult companies think today about how to increase the value of data stored in their data warehouses (DWH) and data lakes (DL), but to cut the costs for maintenance and support. New companies, at the same time, face big doubts on what should they plan to deploy first to get maximum advantage from their data — DWH or DL.

Many people, who look into the future, would say that nowadays is the best time to combine both approaches and to get a double benefit. But let’s firstly briefly look at two already known concepts.

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According to Wikipedia, data warehouses are…

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Many programmers use public code repositories like GitHub.com, to host their code. Moreover, it is great to have your code published on GitHub when you are creating a portfolio for your future employers. But what to do with passwords from your projects? How to work on a project with your small but inspired team and easily but safely share credentials like database accounts, API tokens? Saving passwords inside of your code is a way to lose your money. But enterprise-level key-pair managers, e.g. AWS Secrets Manager, are too complicated and expensive for small teams, right?

Well, the answer is no…

Earlier, we developed a process of creating a SOAP web service for interacting with SAP Business Warehouse (BW) ETL processes (aka process chains). Web services could really help integrate functionality across the systems in your company’s landscape. Moreover, we can benefit from integration between web services and some front end tools, let’s say, Telegram messenger.

Telegram Botfather Logo

Telegram is a simple and free messaging app. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets, or computers. …

SAP ABAP is a high-level programming language created by the German software company SAP SE. ABAP is widely used for programming in a variety of systems based on SAP NetWeaver Application Server including SAP Business Warehouse (BW). SAP BW is software for corporate data warehouses (DWH), it is one of the most popular solutions across Europe.

SAP Business Warehouse Logo

A significant part of SAP BW supports daily work time is usually spend in planning, starting, and analyzing process chains. Process chains are used for organizing data manipulation processes like extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). …

How often did you dream about a native iOS tool that provides an ability to visualize essential data of your company in a simple and rapid way?

If you ask me, the answer is — every day before I had found the Numerics app from Cynapse. But first things first.

Let’s talk about the real tasks. I have had a request from a client for creating a new dashboard with data gathered from open API. It must provide information about prices of Top 8 world tradable currencies, prices must be shown in Russian Rubles. Source data hosted here: https://exchangeratesapi.io. Our…

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