Dive Into The Data

Good day everyone. I’ve started this blog because I suddenly realized its necessity. One day it became clear to me that I need a place where I could categorize and structure all the things I know about my work. Moreover, it could be a good place to write about new tools and technologies I’m learning.

As you can see in my profile, my daily work is tightly related to data gathering, manipulation, and visualization. I will tell you stories here about different situations from my work life, but also I will write about my studies with new tools that help us understand our data and see it from a different angles.

Sample JSON file opened in Sublime Text editor

It is known that our interests are often related to the feedback we receive. So, please do not hesitate to comment on my articles even if you are not sure — it will definitely help me improve the quality of future stories.

Well, let’s dive into the data!



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